Freitag, 15. August 2014

Our personal unconscious

Imagine you are standing on a family’s mansion. Since all members are on vacation, their swimming-pool is deserted. Leaves in beautiful colours have covered the water. All of a sudden, something bumps up to the surface. Must be the wind. No, can’t be. It’s calm. Then again. Leaves are being pushed around. What is going on? Are fish, turtles or crocodiles in the pool?

The water surface is a metaphor. It separates our consciousness from the unconscious of which we believe it is somewhat underneath. Psychologists say,  that up to 95% of our deeds may be driven by unconscious motives. This means there is a crook in every one of us. Not only in those who sit in jail. So, be careful with assessing other people’s deads. You may be closer to them as you think.

© Gerhard Miller 2014

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